Rescuing those Rovers

Within the last six weks two members have rescued two near basket case Rover P4s.

After being alerted to a P4 95 in Bridport by our ferreting leader (Ian Hartnell) along with Ian and Adam we had an interesting day in Bridport trying to get round the P4 in a rather narrow garage our leader being of more generous proportions left it to Adam and myself to get to through the narrower avenues for closer inspection.

We decided it was a good project and was salvagable so I made arrangements to pick up the car the next week The day of collection arrived Ken Newton and i set off two miles from Bridport we hit a four mile traffic jam due to a RTA coming out of Chideock nature called for Ken espying a five bar gate that led to a secluded field Ken with amazing agility leapt from the car and with great dexterity climbed the five bar gate and promptly fell off with aplomb he dusted himself off and in high dudgeon strode (can you stide with short fat legs?) into the field to complete his ablutions.
I do not think I have mentioned this episode to a single sole?

WE eventually arrived at Bridport and with surprising little trouble loaded the Rover and had a uneventful journey to Devon. Since then I have removed the front wings and radiator had the engine running reallysweet sounding no omimous knocks I then stripped off the engine ancillaries and have since cleaned and painted the block also the chassis and refitted the ancillaries Adam took some photos when we first saw the car and i have taken som since hopefully we can put them on this site at a later date. Meanwhile the aforemention five bar gate specailist Ken (The Acrobat) Newton has also been busy running up to Bristol to purchase another ailing P4.

I will not steal his thunder but i am sure his story will appear shortly on this site a rather sad tale with a happy ending as you will no doubt be reading about shortlly (come on Ken post, its a great story)
Regards Tony B

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  1. love the story, especially Ken “The Acrobat” Newton going over the gate. Must make sure we find a suitable one for him too “leap” over when you come a visiting to Cornwall this autumn

    • I had the pleasure of driving to Bristol today with Ken (the Acrobat ) Newton to pick up load of spares for his newly acquired P4 100 Apparently he is in full training to gain a meritous award in ascending five bar gates, without the ignorminy of descending said gate at a rate of knots without due regard to the abrupt cessation of his terminal velocity on impact with terra firma He is studying Nadia Comaneac and Olga Korbets training schedules in their techniques on the four inch parallel bar in particular their dismount techniques, alas he is yet to mount the bar let alone fall off One must not be too disparaging ( perish the thought ) one must only admire his tenacity , or on the other hand as another Yorkshire man said Daft Bugger
      From the Acrobats greatest admirer Tony Brewster

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