P4 visit to Powderham 2019

On Friday 12th July six members attended to help erect our club stand ready for the next two days, it was a very hot afternoon but the stand was up in no time, things were now ready for the morning,

All done and ready to go,

Saturday morning arrived and we had 10 cars booked in for today so an early start was needed, things went to plan and the stand looked really good,

As you can see we had a guest car on the stand today this car has only done 18,000 miles,

What looks better than a row of Rovers,

Robins lovely 90 with Martins P3 in the background,

Sunday saw another 10 cars slightly different from yesterday, we did have another guest car as you can see, this attracted a lot of attention and rightly so it is superb, another really busy day at our club stand we seemed to be making tea and coffee all day, it was good to see so many of our old friends and of course lots of new friends,


Our guest car for today,

Our clubs trailer tower,

Peter had a clutch problem on his way home, so today he arrived in his lovely Alvis,

Kits car looking very nice,


Tony Brewsters last car, now being cherished by Garry and James,

This SD1 came down from Yorkshire to be with us, yes we have members from Yorkshire !!

Graham and Sams lovely 110,

Ken’s 95 ticks all the boxes,

Terrie and Ian’s car been in storage for 20 odd years, a rolling restoration,

That stand looks good, nothing like a row of Rovers to turn heads,

Thanks to all our members who came to the show also for setting up and taking down and packing away ready for the next show at Paignton green,