Devon area’s April meeting with Stan Johnstone

The Devon branch had the pleasure of the company of Stan Johnstone and Joe Kelly at our monthly meeting held on 14th April at the Blue Ball Inn, Sidford , Nr Sidmouth, Devon.


We had a gathering of 26 members plus their wives, which I think on a Thursday evening was a really good turnout , most of our members had a round trip of 80 plus miles so well done Devon.


We had a very entertaining talk from Stan about the engineers and designers that worked for Rover over many years, stories that couldn’t or wouldn’t be printed things that made you look at them in a different light, Stan said most of them had a great sense of humour and on the whole were a great bunch of people who made him very welcome in their homes.

stans Devon meeting

He told us when and how he bought his first Rover P4 back in 1966, I won’t tell you the whole story maybe Stan will do that himself at some time in the future, it cost him £100 and how he raised the money, that was when the P4 bug bit and it has never gone away, since then he has only ever had P4’s, 5 to be exact, (although Rene has had several other cars over the years)


In 1977 when the Rover P4 Drivers Guild was founded Stan joined mainly to get spares which were becoming hard to obtain, then in 1984 Stan was made the chairman and has been chairman ever since, Stan has seen the Guild grow from nothing to what it is today, to hear him talk about his beloved Rovers and the Guild he is still as passionate today as he was all those years ago and rightly very proud of where we are today.


Then it was Question time, the members asked Stan about all sorts of things about the guild where we are and where we are heading in the future, lots of interesting and exciting things lay ahead for us, most importantly we will not lose our identity as the Rover P4 Drivers Guild.

To summarise we had a great evening’s entertainment we also learnt a lot, with good company good food what more could you ask for.

We look forward to meeting you all at the National Rally why not come over and have a chat.

Ian Hartnell

Devon area rep.