November Meetings Minutes

A change of venue as the Blue Ball was double-booked, here are the meetings minutes, as prepared by Ian Hartnell.

Minutes of P4 Guild meeting held at Ian Hartnell’s house on the 4th November

Apologies from Graham Guest, Guy Garrett, Martin Aspinal and Bob Wood. We welcomed Peter Robson to his first meeting there were 9 members present.

First item on the agenda was

The calender for 2011. The following dates were selected:

January 13th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm , 15th New years dinner the Dolphin Hotel Beer,

February 10th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm

March 10th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm

April 9th run with the Great Western Club. 14th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm.

17th drive it day with Rover Enthusiasts South West

May 8th Rover P4Guild National Rally venue and details latter, May12th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm, 14th club show,21st visit of Mr Raymound McCreedy of Northern Ireland club run,

June 8th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm, 18th Dorset run ending at Ian’s for a bar’b’Q

July 10th Deverills, 14th Club night at the Blue Ball 8pm,

August 6th West Huntspill , 11th club night on Exmouth sea front fish and chip supper

September 18th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm,17th Exmoor run ending in mid Devon for a pub meal,

October 30th 1st 2nd 3rd weekend in Cornwall,13th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm.

November 10th club night at the Blue Ball 8pm

December 8th club night at the Blue Ball. 8pm

Dates to be added when known Rover Enthusiasts South West possibly Truro

Torbay old Wheels, Afferton Gifford, any other dates that are requested by members please can we have at the next meeting.

2nd item on the agenda:

History and pictures of members cars for our web site we have at this moment got four members cars ready to go on the web site.

3rd item on the agenda:

Cornwall Run 2010 members said how good it was and a vote of thanks to Ian for organising,and another run will be organised for 2011.

4th item on the agenda:

Shirts embroidered with club logo,the cost of setting up is £50 plus VAT Ian has found out that the system works as follows: you make up your first order for how many you require you are invoiced for the total cost of the shirts plus the setting up fee,the cost to members will be cost of the shirt plus a surcharge to cover the setting fee this figure to be decided.

5th item on the agenda:

Emails from various people, Colin Page on our run to Tintagel, Bob Wood with his new email address,emails from our club to P4 guild ref meeting venue to put in Overdrive, also to Jason Dory regarding banners for shows.

Encoraging comments from the guild watch this space! Emails to Tim Pearson regarding our ‘Meeting with a difference’ (Exmouth sea front and our run to Cornwall these items all being well will be in Overdrive next month) also email sent to Rover Enthusiasts South West thanking them for their hospitality and support for our run to Cornwall.

Lastly an email to Alan Firth wishing him all the best for his Daughters wedding.

6th item on the agenda :

Ian to email members with menus for New years dinner and accomodation tarriffs,

7th item on the agenda :

Alan to organise annual membership cards .

The meeting closed at 10:15pm