Devon’s run to the National rally

On Saturday the 9th May at 9.30 am four Rovers met at Exeter Services to set off for the National Rally, we headed up the A30 then onto the A303 as far as Ilminster then up the Fosse way as far as Shepton Mallet where we met up with another three Rovers and had a coffee break.
We set off at about 11.30am towards Chippenham then onto Cirencester, the drive was most enjoyable these roads were made for Rovers they also got a lot of waves and admiring looks they do seem to bring a smile to most people’s faces , our next stop was Bourton-on-the-Water for lunch we arrived at 2.15pm had a very enjoyable lunch then at 3.30pm we were on the road again heading for Premier Lodge at Bromsgrove we arrived at 5.15pm, it was a trouble free run as you would expect from Rovers, (as we arrived another Rover arrived they had come up from Colchester)
we booked in and decided to meet in the bar at 6.00pm  the evening meal was arranged for 7.00pm ,we enjoyed our evening meal and had plenty of banter before retiring at about 10.30pm  a really enjoyable day was had by all.
Sunday morning saw the men up early cleaning the cars ready for the national Rally, cars cleaned we had Breakfast put the suitcases in the cars and made our way to Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings stopping off for petrol on the way, on arrival we put up our Devon Branch stand and displayed our collection of Overdrive Magazines, thanks to all those people that helped us to get our collection together,
i was very pleased with the way the stand looked ,i am pleased to say it attracted a lot of attention , we met lots of interesting people and stunning cars during the day , the day pasted very quickly  indeed , then to make a great day even better the Devon Branch won the Simon Bedford Award for the best branch 2014.
We took down our club stand and packed it all back in the Rover and about 4.30pm we headed back to Devon this time taking the motorway we arrived home at 8.30pm (some of our members still had another hour to drive ) we covered a total of 353 miles the only small problem was Freddies speedo cable broke , thanks to all the people who helped to put on the National Rally.