3 comments on “Ray and Derek with Mr Perry, the previous owner of 575 TUO
  1. Ian Hartnell would like to thank all the members who attended or helped to organise this weekend it was good to see so many P4s on the road.

    I am sure Ray and Derek enjoyed our fantastic County and some good Westcountry hospitality, plus some suprises about their car, all will be revealed soon!!

    Happy Rovering,


  2. Great photos, a reminder of a fantastic week end we had with the Devon Guild. It was a real pleasure to meet with Geff Perry
    what a gentleman with a passion and tremendous knowledge of all things Rover. A big thankyou to all of the Devon Guild
    members who were so enthusiastic both in the research of 575 TUO and giving their time to make the weekend so enjoyable
    for us. Our drive back north was a pleasure. The Rover never ran sweeter and it only proves no matter how well you look
    after a car, if you want it to run really well, USE IT. Our total mileage from leaving home in North Antrim to our return was
    833 miles, For marital harmony I will not record the fuel account. Best wishes from Ray & Dereck. .

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